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Surf Forecast - Florida

5 Day Surf Forecast

Forecast Updated:
Thursday, November 16, 2017 3:45 PM

Surf Scale: 3 ft = waist high, 4 ft = chest high, 5 ft = head high, 10 ft =double overhead
Swell Direction is direction swell is coming from. 90°=East, 180°=South, 270°=West, 360-0 = North

Florida East Coast Surf Forecast
(Centered on Cocoa Beach)
Day Trend Wind
(Swell Number, Swell Size & Period, Arrival Time and Profile)
(Set wave max face height)
Swell Direction
Holding NE 10+ early Northeast windswell 4.1 ft @ 9 secs
High pressure is to be over the Outer Banks generating northeast winds at 15+ kts targeting Florida well.
3.0 ft 50 degrees
Holding E 5+ early Northeast windswell from previous fetch 4.0 ft @ 8-9 secs
High pressure is to fall southeast off the Southeast Coast generating east winds at 15-20 kts in its south quadrant targeting Florida again with fetch offering some swell generating potential.
3.0 ft 60 degrees
Down some W 5+ early Northeast windswell fading from 2.0 ft @ 10 secs
Low pressure is to be pushing east from the Great Lakes with a front pushing down the Southeast Coast generating offshore winds at 20+ kts ahead of it off the Northeast Coast and north winds 20 kts behind it.
1.5-2.0 ft 45 degrees
Up some NE 15 early Northeast windswell building to 5.0 ft @ 6-7 secs
High pressure is to be building inland over the Southeast Coast generating more northeast winds at 15-20 kts targeting Florida offering swell production potential.
2.5-3.0 ft 55 degrees
Up some E 15 early Northeast windswell fading from 5.0 ft @ 7 secs
High pressure is to ease east generating more easterly fetch at 20 kts off its south quadrant targeting the Florida coast.
3.0 ft 80 degrees
Down some --- High pressure is to move out of the area with east fetch fading on Wed (11/22) with swell production potential fading out. Low pressure theoretically is to be building just over and off Central Fla on Thurs (11/23) perhaps offering long term potential.



Surf Height Animation: US East Coast - Florida & Bahamas- Central Fla
Wind Animations:
US East Coast - Central Fla
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