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Hi-Resolution Buoys

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This is a pro-level page focused on providing a high definition view of the primary and secondary swells in the water at the buoys location. The algorithms used for these computations are different than those used on our main buoy pages and are a little more generous, meaning they accumulate more energy resulting is slightly higher swell and surf heights. The Column labeled 'Surf' and the Surf Graph display estimated surf size that could result from either the primary or secondary swell over the past 96 readings (4 days for NOAA Buoys, 2 days for CDIP buoys). Surf size will vary based on bathymetry, swell direction, shadowing etc at each surf break in the window serviced by the buoy. The column labeled 'Chop' is the significant wave height of all energy in the water between 2 and 5 secs. It is an attempt to provide an index of how much short period 'bump' is in the water. The spectral density graph displays the swell height in feet of the energy present in each frequency/period. A rough guide is that surf height for any frequency is about 1.5 times the value indicated on the chart. So if a third swell is present but not displayed in the webpage, one can estimate the resulting swell size. Clicking on the Spectral Animation link will display the last 96 spectral density graphs in chronological order (older to recent). Click the Current image link to return to the most recent graph.

It is assumed the user understand where these buoys are located and the effects of bathymetric features on resulting surf size at their favorite breaks. More buoys will be added in the future, but limited to those in the United States serviced by NOAA and CDIP. The focus is on areas of significant sized surf and are presented mainly to support our independent forecast projects unrelated to this website.

Buoys in tables below arranged North to South, Outer to Inner

(Updates every 30 mins)
(Updates hourly)
Buoy Number Name/Location
  Pacific Northwest
166 Ocean Station Papa
036 Grays Harbor, WA
139 Umpqua Offshore, OR
  North California
168 Humboldt Bay N. Spit
094 Cape Mendocino New!
029 Pt Reyes
142 San Francisco Bar
185 Monterey Bay W
156 Monterey Canyon Outer
157 Pt Sur
222 Santa Lucia New!
  South California
071 Harvest
067 San Nicholas New!
111 Anacapa Passage New!
028 Santa Monica Bay
043 Camp Pendleton New!
045 Oceanside Offshore
100 Torrey Pines Outer
191 Point Loma
202 Hanalei Bay, Kauai
106 Waimea Bay, Oahu
165 Barbers Point, Oahu
187 Pauwela, Maui
146 Kaumalapau, Lanai New!
Buoy Number Name/Location
51101 Northwestern Hawaii Two
  Outer US West Coast
46006 Southeast Papa
46005 West Washington
46002 West Oregon
46059 California
  North California
46014 Pt Arena
46013 Bodega Bay
46012 Half Moon Bay
46042 Monterey Bay New!
46028 Cape San Martin New!
46011 Santa Maria New!
  South California
46054 W Santa Barbara
46069 S Santa Rosa Island
46025 Santa Monica Basin
46086 San Clemente Basin
46047 Tanner Banks

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